Monday, January 30, 2012

Show Photos and Update

Hello Everyone Trinity Here!
This was my Second show out! I purred and played for the judges!
I Got a 2nd place final and a 5th place Final up agenst 30+ kittens! yeah!!
Hailey got a 9th place also agenst 30+ kittens it was a blast! This was Haileys first show.
Aurora got a 3rd place final agenst 50+ Cats YEAH to big sis! she now is a Grand Champion Momma said!
Santana got 11 Finals our of 12 posible finals. He did awesome! Yeah big Bro!
It was such a fun weekend!
Here are some of the photos from the weekend!

Aurora being Judged
Photo by Kate Howard

Santana's Ribbons

Aurora, Hailey, & Trinity's Ribbons

Some Photo's Taken by Kate our Good friend 

Raisin below:
This weekend we said good bye to Raisin as he left to go back to his momma.
We thank you Marty for letting us show this wonderful boy!


  1. Looks like a good day at the office for you kitties.

    We wonder a bit at that judge, though. Didn't anyone tell her Halloween is over?

    1. It twas a January Halloween show. :) Very fun, too.