Monday, January 30, 2012

Show Photos and Update

Hello Everyone Trinity Here!
This was my Second show out! I purred and played for the judges!
I Got a 2nd place final and a 5th place Final up agenst 30+ kittens! yeah!!
Hailey got a 9th place also agenst 30+ kittens it was a blast! This was Haileys first show.
Aurora got a 3rd place final agenst 50+ Cats YEAH to big sis! she now is a Grand Champion Momma said!
Santana got 11 Finals our of 12 posible finals. He did awesome! Yeah big Bro!
It was such a fun weekend!
Here are some of the photos from the weekend!

Aurora being Judged
Photo by Kate Howard

Santana's Ribbons

Aurora, Hailey, & Trinity's Ribbons

Some Photo's Taken by Kate our Good friend 

Raisin below:
This weekend we said good bye to Raisin as he left to go back to his momma.
We thank you Marty for letting us show this wonderful boy!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Show Pre Post

Hello me again, I Wanted to share our news we are going to show this weekend in NJ.
We are taking 4 Cats with us. Hailey,Aurora, Trinity & Santana
Here is a Photo of each of our cats where taking.
Hoping to come home with a few finals or at least Aurora.
Aurora is 2 finals away From her grand Champion Tittle
This is Hailey's First Show and Trinitys second Show.
Santana is our pro who not worried about nothing but the car ride.....
Santana hates traveling but loves showing.
Maybe some day we will make a show at home for him.
 This is Hailey, She will be Showing in Long Hair Kitten Class,
She is a Seal point & White Munchkin
  This is Aurora, She is a Black Tortie and White Munchkin
She will be showing in the Shorthair Adult Class with out Friend Hope
 This is Trinity, a Brown Tortie Shorthair Munchkin.
She Will be Showing in the Shorthair Kitten Class
"Mom! They Know who I am!"
And This is ummm Santana who did not want to wake up for his photo...
He is a Brown Classic Tabby Maine Coon he weighs 27 pounds
He is showing in the Long hair Alter class.

Kitten Photo Shoot

Ok last night I took photos of our little angels.
We have 2 cute small litters of kittens right now and they are growing up so so fast.
I had to take photos to share with everyone.
 This Little Angel is Myla She a Non-standard Munchkin
 This is little boy does not have a name yet But right Now we Call him Male 1... He is Myla's Brother
 This little Boy also does not have a name he is Myla's Brother. We call him Male 2 right now...
 This angel is a Napoleon she is 3 weeks old and just a doll! Female 1
 This is Female 2 She is a Napoleon too she just a doll.
this little girl is Shorty G she is going to GA when she big enough

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bath Time

Trinity here. Ok so I found out today My sisters Libby and Hailey dont like baths. Well Today I jumped in the tub to find out why baths are so bad. I sat there and watched Libby getting a bath getting a Full body massage. I Thought it be nice and Wow was it! I Sat there and waited and waited then I pushed my head in got soap all over me! I Waited and then the hands came Oh yeah that was awesome I purred so loud that Autumn Came wanting to know what was so good but she seen water and Ran. Funny she dont know what she is missing! So the only Bad part is u get wet and cold but Plus is I feel like new again!! And momma says I smell like Flowers!


Ok so the best way to start of the Day is with a BIG smile!
I dont think Iz got the hang of it yet but got to share.

Hello From The Spots

Ok soooo Trin it tell me that I am now online some where right?
So I guess I better say who I am.
My Name is Soldier. I was born in Philly.
I Love to Travel. I Started Traveling at 10weeks old.
Oh and Did I tell you I am a Bengal? I am A Brown Spotted Tabby
My Full Name is RW SGCA Lawntonstmews Tattle Tail             
I Show in TICA I was 3rd Best Bengal Alter of the 2010-2011 Show Season
I Was Best Bengal in the MA Regain too.
I Am a Wild Child who to cool not to brake the rules.

Good Morning

Hello All this is Trinity here.
OK So Today mommy got the Stick out and I went nuts! I ran like a nut and had to get it I had to save mommy. When I finaly got it mommy said good girl Trinity you got the toy! OK so its not something thats gonna hurt mommy? So I left her alone for a while and Soldier came up and started going after it! And then I had to get it and rip it apart! Mommy could not stop laughing.