Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hello From The Spots

Ok soooo Trin it tell me that I am now online some where right?
So I guess I better say who I am.
My Name is Soldier. I was born in Philly.
I Love to Travel. I Started Traveling at 10weeks old.
Oh and Did I tell you I am a Bengal? I am A Brown Spotted Tabby
My Full Name is RW SGCA Lawntonstmews Tattle Tail             
I Show in TICA I was 3rd Best Bengal Alter of the 2010-2011 Show Season
I Was Best Bengal in the MA Regain too.
I Am a Wild Child who to cool not to brake the rules.


  1. Hello! We are pleased to meet you Soldier!! Welcome to Cat Blogging!!
    Your TX furiends,

    1. Hello Thank you! it is wonderful to meet you!